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Viking Manga

Rank 9847th, it has 6 monthly views.
Alternative Baiou;Baiou (Viking);
Author(s) KAJI Kengo
Artist(s) TSUCHIYAMA Shigeru
Genre(s) Drama; Seinen; Slice Of Life;
Release 2004
Status Ongoing ,Viking 20 is coming next... Read Viking On MangaChapter

Viking Summary

Oumi Shigemori, also known as Hanjo, is from a long line of merchants. He knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to business and making profits. But Hanjo understands that profits have to be long term and taking short cuts in business decisions eventually leads to a collapse. Making sure the buyer, the seller, and the community all benefit from the transaction is Hanjo’s philosophy. He travels around the country, helping both small and big businesses turn their finances from a mole to a mountain.

Viking Chapter List

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