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Kimi no Knife Manga

Kimi no Knife
Rank 2407th, it has 447 monthly views.
Alternative 君のナイフ;君之匕首;Kimi no Naifu;Your Knife;
Author(s) KOTEGAWA Yua
Artist(s) KOTEGAWA Yua
Genre(s) Supernatural Mystery Drama Seinen Psychological
Release 2009
Status Ongoing ,Kimi no Knife 72 is coming next... Read Kimi no Knife On MangaChapter

Kimi no Knife Summary

"If you can get 5 million yen for killing a person, what would you do?" A beautiful woman asks Shiki, a part-time lecturer that question on their first meeting. Shiki answers "If it's an evil person...", mistaking this for a joke. But then the woman points out the target...

Kimi no Knife Chapter List

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