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Hotman Manga

Rank 1554th, it has 987 monthly views.
Alternative ホットマン;
Author(s) Kitagawa Shou
Artist(s) Kitagawa Shou
Genre(s) Romance Drama Seinen Slice Of Life
Release 1997
Status Ongoing ,Hotman 146 is coming next... Read Hotman On MangaChapter

Hotman Summary

Enzo Takaya, character inspired by Jean Reno, is a teacher and the oldest son of his family, as such, he takes care of his siblings like a father. One day, a 5 year-old girl is found on their doorstep with a note: she is the result of Enzo's former life of crime and luxury as a gang member. Altough he ignores who the mother is, he decides to take in the little Nanami. She unfortunately suffers from a skin disease due to sensitivity to pollution and certain types of food. So, Enzo becomes a health freak...

Hotman Chapter List

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