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She's Scary Manga

She's Scary
Rank 4410th, it has 27 monthly views.
Alternative 그녀는 무서워;She Scares Me;Nakakatakot siya;Đại Ca Đi Học (Vietnamese);
Author(s) Hwang Mi Ri
Genre(s) Romance; School Life; Shoujo;
Release 2009
Status Ongoing ,She's Scary 25 is coming next... Read She's Scary On MangaChapter

She's Scary Summary

From Loyal Kiss: A beauty at first glance, the opposite of organized, Swearing as part of her daily routine, The so~ hot girl, Jin Eun Jung Considered a hunk by everyone, A textbook example of a good student, The king of organization, The student council president, The so~ hot guy, Moon Seo Young Suddenly one day, these completely different people start living under the same roof and something starts to change! In a bittersweet way ♥ A hot bad-mouthed girl just lost her wallet, determined to get some money, she sees a guy walking down the street, brings a stick and asks him for money, Moon Seo Young, the oh-so hunky goody two-shoes, whose money just got robbed by a girl. how uncool~ but, he has to forget about that since he has much bigger problems cause, Jin Eun Jung, who happens to be that girl, is gonna start living in the same roof as him. woah~ She really is scary. This must be a dream, right?

She's Scary Chapter List

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